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100% Cotton Adjustable Swaddle Wrap, Butterfly/Pink/White


Product description  :

Baby Swaddle Blanket for Newborn Girl, 0-3 Months Small/Medium, 3 pcs Infant Swaddle Sack in a Gift Box, 100% Cotton Adjustable Swaddle Wrap, Butterfly/Pink/White

First and foremost sleep and safety: This original gift box contains 3 pieces of baby swaddle wraps (size: Small/Medium, 21 x 26 inches) that will be the perfect present for your baby of 0-3 months, 7-14 lbs, up to 26" height, provided with adjustable velcro wings that will make your bundle of joy feel safe and sleep tight thru the entire night.

Eco-friendly and quality: the soft material is 100% natural cotton of premium quality, in the process of dyeing we used only environmentally safe professional coloring agents, mother nature cares for baby human nature

Fashion: The design of these newborn swaddles is unique and yet very simple, creating dreams, showing you the future for your newborn

Original package: The blankets are nicely wrapped in 100% recyclable carton box, perfect for a shower gift, it can be used as receiving blankets for your baby to come because are hospital approved

Our promise: We, SMEKC family created this baby swaddle wrap-blanket for our kids to use first, thousands of parents from Europe and the United States tested them, we give you the best, 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED, buy now the future.

Features : 

  • ❤️Primary and essential needs insured by this original pack of 3 swaddle wraps (Small/Medium) that fits perfect for newborn babies of 0-3 months, 7-14 lbs. Our baby swaddle blankets are 21 x 26 inches, intended for babies up to 26" height. The adjustable sleep sacks have soft wings that fasten securely with Velcro, hook-and-loop attachments to create a perfect fit. The result will be guaranteed - no more startle reflex: a rested and happy baby a happy and rested mom a win-win situation
  • ❤️ Nature consciousness: 100% Chemical Free premium cotton, natural as the baby's skin, the only material that should be worn because of his thermo regulating properties, irritation and allergen-free, lightweight and breathable, perfect for all seasons
  • ❤️ Art and dreams: This unique design of these swaddle blankets makes you imagine that your baby will turn into a sweet colorful butterfly
  • ❤️ Surprise gift box: Buy now these set of 3 pcs swaddle sack for newborn, the original package will be the perfect present
  • ❤️ Good and honest deal: Offer your baby the best, begin with us, check out the reviews of the satisfied parents.

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